Fraser Residence

Contemporary living in a calm, tranquil space makes Fraser Residence the perfect urban haven for you and your family right in the heart of the city. You’ll find us in key gateway cities, whether in fast-developing technology and commercial districts, or in unique neighbourhoods just steps away from major financial centres. So while you’re close to all the action, we’re designed to provide welcome respite whenever you need it. You’ll live like a local with convenient transportation, supermarkets and plenty of cosy bars and cafes in the area. Depending on the city you’re in, you’ll also find international schools and private hospitals close by for added convenience.Our properties are built for family living, with spacious contemporary interiors and all the amenities and facilities for both adults and children. We know how important it is to engage with your surroundings, and our premises offer ample opportunity to explore and meet like-minded residents. In the privacy of your home, our cosy, minimalist style offers you a neutral canvas to make it your own. When you stay in Fraser Residence, you know that you’re in for a special experience.